What am I about?  I’m all about movies, that’s what.

Hello.  My name is Jerry.  When I was seven years old (this is the mid-70s) my mother and father got the first primitive version of what would become cable television and in particular an oddly-named, bizarre concept known as Home Box Office.  From that, I recall came the first movie images I remember seeing, Jaws, The Spy Who Loved Me, Pete’s Dragon, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Going to the movie theater at that age gave me The Rescuers, the first movie that I ever saw, and of course, Star Wars, The Black Hole, GusStar Trek The Motion Picture and The Herbie Pictures.  Movies aren’t just an obsession, they are the left side of my brain.  I take them seriously and that’s not an exaggeration.  There is hardly a moment that goes by that something movie-related isn’t running through my brain.  It’s who I am, and this blog is a release valve for that obsession.

Consider this free-form.  I write what I feel.  Every single day of the week there’s the Movie-A-Day blog interrupted from time to time by my blog posts whenever I have something to say.  So, sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to comment.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll become a regular.  Ciao!


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