Movie of the Day: Bolero (1984)

25 Mar


How much tedium are you willing to sit through to see Bo Derek naked?  That challenge may very well test the limits of your motivation if you sit through Bolero, the most boring sex film in many a moon.  One watches a movie like this for the same reason they saw ‘Showgirls’. Even Bo Peepers have trouble slogging through this vapid monstrosity in which Bo Derek takes off her clothes and wanders through one lame sex scene after another but the scenes that come in between are like watching grass grow.

Bo plays Lida a woman discovering her sexual awakening. There’s your first problem.  Take a look at her; does she look like a woman who has yet to discover her sexuality? She runs around the world in search of the perfect lover, which include fumblings with a Spanish Bullfighter and an Arab Shiek. This isn’t a movie it’s a Playboy Video.

Look, you watch a movie like this for the T&A but you can’t find anything here that you didn’t find in ‘Tarzan the Ape Man’ which is a movie that is equally as languid but contains just as much skin. ‘Ten’ at least offered a story. It was a very funny comedy that used Bo to the advantage that the essence of her character didn’t require her to do very much. This movie was taylor made for video so you can scan it for the ‘good parts’.


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