Movie of the Day: Galaxina (1980)

19 Jan


In sitting through this forgotten chunk of sci-fi indifference, I realize that in watching it my only real point of interest is in watching murdered Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten in the only film role of significance that she ever played on screen. That’s a pretty lousy reason to watch a movie, but to watch her is to see glimpses of what might have been.

Galaxina is a low-rent sci-fi western with great chunks borrowed and even down right stolen from Star Wars. The main plot is a comic misfire starring Avery Schreiber as the captain of a crew of space police who are out looking for a magic crystal called The Blue Star. Most of the movie is comprised of would-be comic bits involving Scheiber’s inability to command his vessel and the crew of misfits who are no help.

Yet, buried within all that disinterest is Stratten who is very photogenic (and I’m not being cute when I say that).  She had a strong screen presence, and something in her face suggests far more intelligence then she was allowed to display. There’s a character here. You have to look hard to find it, but I get the feeling that with a better script, this character could have been something. There are moments when we sense a being struggling to understand humanity, and to get a sense of her own purpose.

Now, naturally, you have to look really hard to find those traits. Stratten’s character exists in this movie in fits and starts. Much of the movie promises a much dirtier sex comedy then what is actually delivered, but Stratten brings more to this role then it deserves. I think she shows a charisma that she could have shown in other roles if only she’d had the chance.


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