Where is Stark Tower?

14 May

Ashamedly, I have to admit that I have never been to New York.  Despite briefly living two states over in Ohio as a child, I have never visited The Big Apple.  Nothing personal.  My life just hasn’t opened a door yet that has allowed me a trip to the city.  I’m from Alabama, you see, I don’t get up that way.

My view of New York City has been at the movies.  The pictures of Scorsese and Woody Allen.  Pictures like Ghostbusters, Wall Street, Independence Day, all seem to show me the skyline of a city that I have only seen at the movies.  Therefore, I don’t know the geography as well as I probably should.  Recently, being among the millions who attended Marvel’s The Avengers (twice) I began to wonder about the location of Stark Tower, Tony Stark’s mega-loth, art-deco skyscraper that occupies the middle of mid-town Manhattan.

From what I could see, the view of Stark Tower looks out over The Chrysler Building, which is on Lexington Avenue.  Stark Tower, based on the position of the sun in one shot, would be positioned several blocks over and looks at the Chrysler Building from the southeast.

I have information from a New Yorker who tells me that Stark Tower is sitting in the position where The Met Life building is.  If true, Google Maps indicates the that the address of Stark Tower would be: 200 Park Avenue, not far from Grand Central Station.

If my information is incorrect, let us know.

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One response to “Where is Stark Tower?

  1. Mark

    06/03/2012 at 12:45 pm

    That is true……There are many lines in the movie that give up the location. Iron Man – “Swing by Park (Park Avenue) I’ll lay them out for you.” and also, Hawkeye – “Well Thor is taking on a battalion on 6th.”

    When you see the Quinjet approach Grand Central on Park Venue you can clearly see Stark Tower towering behind it where the MetLife building should be


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